School Support

Back to School Support

Anamon Foundation believes that starting the school year with the necessary school supplies promotes learning, boosts self-esteem, and helps keep children in school. It is very important to equip every child with the supplies needed to be successful and ready for school. Unfortunately, many families struggle to provide the long list of school supplies needed by children every school year due to financial challenges.


Our Back-to-School initiative provides underprivileged children with free school supplies every summer in anticipation for the new school year. Our school supplies are distributed in B2S-Backpacks with each containing approximately 25 grade-appropriate school supplies. Our B2S-Backpacks are given out to underprivileged children at office, community events, and also through our partner schools, and community organizations.

Request For School Supplies

Current Supply Needs: (or shop our Amazon Wish List – link below)

  • New children’s socks and underwear (K-12 grade)
  • Backpacks (gently used or new)
  • College ruled spiral notebooks and paper
  • Wide ruled spiral notebooks and paper
  • Blue/black pens
  • Crayons
  • Highlighters
  • Dry erase markers
  • Colored folders
  • Earbuds / Headphones
  • Lunch boxes

Homework Support

Homework assignments have gradually become one of the most common causes of stress and frustration for students and their parents/guardians. Even a high performing student may still struggle with homework sometimes. If a child is not lucky enough to have supportive parents who are also literate enough to help them with homework assignments, the child has nowhere else to turn to for assistance.


Anamon’s Foundation homework support program provides one-on-one tutorials for students who need assistance in completing their homework assignments. Our trained tutors are available every weekday from 2pm to 8pm to help K-12 youth complete their homework assignments. Students who turn to us for support are tutored to ensure they have perfect understanding of topics before they are attempt to complete their homework, all in the comfort of their homes with just a click of a button.


With a click of a button on our website, you will be connected to a tutor for an instant one-on-one homework support on video.


Our approach does not only focus on timely completion of homework, but also in boosting comprehension and building the confidence of students which leads to higher scores and better performance in class. This reduces the stress and frustrations imposed on children and their parents/guardians by homework assignments.

Program Objectives:

  • To ensure that students get the tutoring and one-on-one attention needed to help them grasp the concepts their being taught.
  • To ensure students complete their homework assignments on time and accurately for excellent scores.
  • To eradicate the stress and frustrations associated with homework assignments on students and parents/guardians.