Africa Outreach

In Africa, Anamon Foundation is operating under the name Clothe The Naked (CTN) – a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ghana – providing clothing assistance, educational opportunities, and outreach programs for less-privileged people in Africa.

Clothing Assistance

This project facilitates the redistribution of clothing resources. It involves the solicitation of clothes from people who have more clothes than needed and giving them out to those who have less clothes than needed. This project helps to fulfill our mission of reducing the physical impact of poverty which is commonly seen in the wearing of same old and tattered clothes all the time by less-privileged people in the deprived communities, especially the rural areas of Ghana. It ensures the optimum use of clothing resources, and it also helps to reduce environmental pollution by reducing the amount of clothes that end up at the dumping sites.

Educational Opportunities

Our CTN Scholarship Aid funds the education of orphans, abandoned children, and children from poor families in the deprived communities of Ghana, West Africa. This Scholarship Aid focuses on less privileged children who may never get the opportunity to go to school for lack of financial support; children who may remain illiterate without the intervention of a charitable organization like ours. The Aid funds the formal education of carefully selected children from basic school to college/university.

We are also building a tuition-free school for a deprived rural community in Ghana which has no school for its numerous children.

Outreach Projects

Our Outreach Program in Africa helps to bridge the gap between less-privileged communities and the public. Our projects such as.

Refresh The Orphan Project provides clothing, feeding, and health screening free of charge to children in orphanages.

Love-Machete Project empowers deprived farming communities with free farming tools to help them farm to feed themselves.

Clothing Drive Project supplies free clothing to Prisoners, psychiatric hospital patients, and needy people in deprived rural communities of Ghana.

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