Become a Youth Mentor

The program also provides an opportunity for respectable adults to give back to their communities by taking the hand of struggling youth and guiding them in traversing the intricacies of childhood through adolescence to adulthood.


EOLO mentors are experienced reputable adults who are passionate about imparting valuable attitudes, knowledge and skills into the next generation. Our mentors are taken through consistent professional mentorship training to equip them with the most updated knowledge and skills needed to discharge their mentorship duties safely and effectively in compliance with laws and regulations.


A mentor dedicates a minimum of 8 intentional hours per month to help the assigned youth. A mentor uses this time to check up on the youth, chit-chat, seek update on previously discussed subjects, discuss new challenges and offer advice, seek feedback on the child from parent/guardian, request for extra support from EOLO for the youth, provide an update on the youth to the EOLO Youth Counselor.


Support provided by our mentors to our youth include, depending on the age of the assigned youth, social life issues, education, health and wellness, financial advice, career choice making, resume writing and job search, and general life issues.

Professional Mentors support and empower youth by:


  • Creating connections – with other youth who share their interests or to resources in their own communities.
  • Exploring their interest and sharing in new experiences, through trips to museums, visiting the library or taking an art class.
  • Connecting youth to opportunities, like internships, scholarships and informational interviews.
  • Helping a child identify coping skills, regulate emotions and find constructive outlets for stress and frustration.
  • Being a consistent adult in a child’s life as they move from placement to placement in the foster care system.